Casino and Gambling SEO

Gambling is one of the fastest growing niches online and with more and more countries introducing some form of regulation, the opportunities to grow and possibly master new online gambling markets are massive.

Gambling is also an extremely competitive niche and when it comes to be successful at ranking gambling sites, lots of conventional SEO tactics don’t work, as much that many of the major mainstream SEO agencies refuse to touch SEO for gambling.

Having spent the last 15 years as igaming affiliates, working closely with numerous of the major names in the sports betting and casino sector, Internet Desinations know what it takes to create a successful SEO campaign.

SEO Services

We start by scheduling a call to understand your specific requirements and goals. We then analyze your target market and competitors to come up with a plan to make your site more visible.

Our SEO services include:

Keyword Research
Everyone knows what are the most popular keywords for gambling but which are the best keywords that YOUR players use? We’ll help you find the right keywords for your market, revealing many untapped opportunities.
Competitor Analysis
In order to beat the competition, you must first know what they're up to. We’ll help you discover what strategies the main players in your target market are employing to be successful, identifying what it will take for you to rival them.
On Page SEO
Even though most webmasters claim to be familiar with what it takes to optimize a page for SEO, we often find websites that are extremely attractive to the eye, but incomplete for search engine optimization. We’ll help you work around the intricacies of on-page SEO to make your pages visible and attractive to search engines.
Content Writing
Content is and will always be king. Online gambling brands need a strategy to create content that informs, entertains and educates, We’ll recommend you the best content marketing strategies tailored to each brand to effectively communicate your message.
Link Building
Quality content will certainly help you attract links from third party sites, but these days organic links will rarely be enough in the long run. Internet Destinations will help you identify and execute the most appropriate link building strategy to give your content the best chances to rank for targeted keywords. Specialist link building services include guest posting, web 2.0, social bookmarks, backlink removal, crowdsourced search.
Monthly Reports
Reports are often an overlooked aspect of SEO, with many sites investing heavily in search engine optimization, but then stopping to rank data in their reports. As each client’s requirements are different, we’ll set up the most relevant reports to help you measure the actual ROI of your SEO campaign.

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