Product Showcase: UK SEO - Nationwide and Local

Pierluigi Buccioli


Social shouldn't be just another box that needs to be ticked. It can become the beating heart of a business.

The Project

This company had an effective e-commerce website but their pages mainly consisted of brochure pages and product pages - not much for social sharers to get excited about. This project consisted in creating a brand new blog section of the site, producing the first piece of content for it and then promoting the content across social channels.               

How Internet Destinations helped

What is Social SEO?

Social SEO is about creating a content asset that provides value to both a business and its readers, and promoting it via social channels. The short-term promotion should provide an immediate ROI on the spend. This will offset the initial cost, sometimes up to and over 100%.

During the promotion the large influx of traffic can be used to aid in AB Testing on the page to ensure that it is fully optimised to convert the traffic that it receives. 

You are left with a highly optimised piece of content, which has been tested to convert - something that traditional SEO rarely produces. But where is the SEO? Why will this piece of content rank? Well, it's because the social promotion will give it a boost, get it in front of eyeballs and often produce a flurry of links, shares and  comments - all signals that Google looks favourably upon.

You will be left with an evergreen piece of content that sticks in the SERPS, providing value to your business with every visitor. 

The content

Before writing the content we researched keywords related to the company's principal product. We wanted something entertaining that would work well on social, but also something that would allow us to position the client as an authority in the industry. We decided on a how-to guide as these tend to work very well on a Facebook newsfeed without being obvious clickbait.     

Being a how-to guide also allowed us to put some of the information into a PDF guide and have that available as a separate download.     

The How-to Guide

We wrote this from scratch with 2,000 words of original content and 4 custom designed infographics. It was written in a fun and informal style designed to promote sharing.

The Downloadable Content

The downloadable PDF was an additional part of the content that followed on naturally from the content available on the website. In order to be sent the PDF, the user needed to enter their email address.

The follow-up

Once the user was sent the follow-up guide, they were optionally subscribed to a series of follow-up emails that provided further nuggets of information whilst also selling the client's primary product.               

The Results

This campaign was a great success - and continues to be so. The initial campaign produced a break-even ROI from the social spend and the piece of content now brings in a steady stream of traffic, ranking well for its target keywords.

[...] this page will serve as a perfect piece of marketing automation

With traditional paid traffic, once a campaign has reached it end then the traffic stops. Using this method, we are able to create evergreen traffic sources that will keep on providing visitors long after the campaign has finished.

Beyond Social SEO: Email Marketing

An everygreen traffic asset is great, but we can take it one step futher and create an extra asset - a targeted emai list that we'll sell to automatically. In order to be emailed the downloadable PDF, we asked users to enter their email address. This allows us to contact them again. So, as part of the initial content creation we drafted a series of emails that continued to give out valuable content in the same theme as the original webpage and follow-up PDF. It's important here to keep the content relevant and to build up your position as an authority. Of course, mention should be made of the company's products - this is an ongoing sales channel and its purpose is to increase ROI.

Once this is setup, this page will serve as a perfect piece of marketing automation: bring in the traffic with no spend and converting visitors to customers on autopilot.

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