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Leon Chevalier


We designed this pack for businesses with a need for ongoing front-end and back-end web services who don't want to be held up by the constant back and forth of quotes and proposals. This is fixed fee, rapid development.

The Package

This package is designed for businesses with constant design or development needs. There's always something that needs changing or a problem that needs fixing. And when it needs to be fixed, that needs to happen fast.

It's for businesses that don't want ridiculous quotes for a small website amendment. In our opinion, a 10 minute fix should mean a 10 minute fee.

And it's for businesses that want peace of mind that they're paying a fixed fee every month and won't be hit by nasty surprise invoices.

How it works

We'll start by taking a look through your existing site codebase and server setup. We'll then queue your current requests to be handled throughout the month or on an on going basis.

  • Initial appraisal of existing site codebase and server setup
  • Talk through current and ongoing requirements with client and queue requests
  • Requests are handled through the month and viewable on our online tracker
  • Urgent requests can be bumped to the top of the queue
  • If an urgent project takes priority, you have flexibility to use time from upcoming months


Save up to 10%

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